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Dedicated works

Original and exclusive works have been especially designed for the venue. In terms of design, AREA 42 is filled with decorative features with a characteristically post-industrial influence.

Robotised lighting AREA 42

Peter Keene 2009

This lighting, which was especially designed for the venue, was christened AREA 42 by the English artist Peter Keene in honour of the venue.

Thanks to their integrated motor, the neon lights can be turned on request.

In AREA 2 & AREA 3, there is a variation of this lighting: pairs of neon lights fixed to a coloured base: green, red, yellow or blue.

The “Metal Madness” staircase

Gi Monseu

This sculptural 18-ton steel staircase, made purely of curves and geometrical lines, is undoubtably the venue’s unmissable artistic piece. Despite its imposing size, it shyly hides away between the building’s 2 floors. Visitors immediately see it, and can admire it in all its beauty from the top of the mezzanine.

Steel multi-coloured balustrade

Gi Monseu

This impressive work made from 100% steel is splendidly finished off by a balustrade that goes around the room on the mezzanine. The room itself overhangs a space with a double height ceiling. The balustrade is very wide and is made from coloured steel bars.

Series of XXL photographies

Edouard Poullain 2009-2011-2015

Edouard Poullain, artist designer and also owner of the venue, has several sets of his paintings on show: some are made using resin while others are collages, or large frames created using collages of coloured filters as well as digital montages of glass plate negatives. These works can be bought or viewed at the venue.

5 tailor-made designer Tables, an exclusive creation - Made in Italy.

Edouard Poullain 2010

3m x 1 m table top made from honeycomb altuglass with white leg and aluminium tube.

Can be used by itself on the stage as a presidential table or as a set in a Boardroom or U-shape set-up.